A form of Harm Reduction that utilizes only Marijuana and Plant Based Medicines. Hard Drugs, and Alcohol are excluded under California Sobriety. The California Sober community find success through Harm Reduction, Moderation, and Micro-Dosing.
Want to do some blow?

No thank you. I quit last year. I only smoke weed now in moderation. This is a form of harm reduction called Cali Sober or California Sober.
by Soberisdope April 1, 2021
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To abstain from all drugs except marijuana and alcohol.
"No thanks," Jane said as Paul racked up lines of cocaine, "I'm California Sober this month."
by CPaigeS December 10, 2016
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Based on 100s of testimonies from the real and legitimate California Sober community:

California Sober is defined as a form of Harm Reduction that excludes the use of all drugs including alcohol and only utilizing Marijuana in Moderation.

Based on Demi Lovato’s recent Documentary, “Dancing with the Devil”, and her interview in ENTERTAINMENT, the phrase California Sober or Cali Sober received significant backlash from the Addiction Recovery community, because Demi Lovato mentioned that she uses both Weed and Alcohol in moderation and labeled this activity as being California Sober.

There is a general consensus that Alcohol is not recommended as a form of Harm Reduction.

After interviewing the founder of “Sober Saturdayz”, Kaitie Degen, the team at the Sober is Dope podcast; confirmed that the “Cali Sober” community expresses their own concerns because Cali Sober, has always been only WEED and no Alcohol use, as a form of Harm Reduction.

After some thorough investigation and interviews with the Cali Sober community, it is now understood that California Sober is system of Harm Reduction that excludes all uses of illicit drugs, prescription drugs, illegal drugs, and Alcohol, and utilizing only Marijuana in Moderation. Thanks to everyone in the California Sober community for clarifying this.
Hey bro do you want to score?

No, thank you. I no longer use hard drugs. I am California Sober. I don’t drink or do hard drugs. I only smoke weed in moderation as a form of harm reduction. I am 200 days clean from Cocaine thanks to California Sober.
by Soberisdope March 30, 2021
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To abstain oneself from all of the drugs. With obvious exceptions of copious amounts of marijuana(giggle bush) and psychedelics.
“Yo, you wanna do some blow and hit this party Trevor?”
“Nah, I’m California sober. Can you pass the bong my dude?”
“Sure broski, you gotta have a shot once we are at the club”

“Nah, I don’t drink bc it fucks with my trip.”
by Ukn0wwh0 May 3, 2019
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To abstain from all drugs and alcohol except for Marijuana.
Hey, this party has booze, cocaine, ecstasy, and GHB.

Oh, I'm cool. I'm California Sober.
by GioVa13 January 20, 2019
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When you don’t drink alcohol but you do take drugs.
She doesn’t drink, but she will have a line. She’s California Sober.
by Mahalien January 26, 2022
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