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1. Small Military Town in the High Desert Approx 2400 ft. above sea level. approx 15 miles from the Truck stop town of Mojave.. (Home of Scaled Composites). The worlds fist recognised Spaceport. Where Burt Rutan Piloted "SPACESHIP ONE" into history, by being the first Private Company to put a Spacecraft into LEO (Low Earth Orbit) not once, but twice in 5 days.

2. Little oasis in the middle of Bum Fucked Egypt Right next to Edwards A.F.B. as most people know is one of the landing sites used to land the Space Shuttle. Small Population Loaded with Mexicans.
Hey man!! Let's go to California City California... Where the Fuck is that?
by DirtySanchez130 August 24, 2008
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