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A sexual act involving 6 guys and 1 participant (male, female or any kind of animal). The first guy pisses on the participants face while the second guy flops his penis on the face to wipe all of the pee off. The next guy then blows a hot steamy load on the participants face (this acts as the coat of wax) while the fourth guy flops his floppy wiener on the face to get all of the hot cum off of it. Finally, the fifth guy spits on the participants face (nothing beats a good spit shine!) and the last guy will fart in the face for a real nice air dry effect. The person (or animal) going through the car wash can either crawl, or be pulled through on a skateboard (usually depending on whatever tradition dictates in your region.)
Hey Pete, tell John we should give that girl a California Car Wash later. Do you think we can round up another 3 guys?
by Chris T. Norris June 18, 2011
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While fucking, just before unloading the nutsack, scooch up near her face, and give her an eye-stinging, nose picking facial, and top it off by hovering over her head and dangle your meat stick on her face like a car wash curtain.
I heard that my girl was trying to blow my buddy, and she fucks like a jonesing crack head freak, so I wanted to hit it one more time.. I filled her out like a job application, and topped it off with a California Car Wash. Later Bish!
by Tommyshocker August 06, 2007
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When the drought in California is so bad that when you go to the carwash the workers surround your car and poop on it.
Man, did you see Match Game the other night? Alec Baldwin totally said, "California Carwash"!
by Dbeaux February 22, 2017
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