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A guy who confuses you with your own emotions. He makes you laugh and smile, but then he also breaks your heart. He is not good with his feelings and he believes emotions are a joke. You dont know when he is telling the truth or if he is just making it up. He says the nicest things sometimes, even if it wasnt meant for you. He loves his family but has a hard time with girls. He doesnt exactly know when hes hit a nerve or gone too far. He gets all weird and leaves when you try to be nice, but he always apologizes afterward and says hes sorry for being an asshole or a jerk. For some reason, you cant get or stay mad at him even if he is horrible either to you or your best friends. You text eachother all the time but never talk in person because it just gets weird. He makes you feel good but he also breaks your heart. You know that he probably never thinks of you like you think about him, and he will never be yours, but you get jealous and u hate it when you know he probably likes someone else, but for some reason, you cannot get him out of your head, and you have a hopeless crush on him.
Caleb (why????) confuses me...
by Sophia Cardenas June 03, 2018
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