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Caldwell/West Caldwell school district is the fuckin stupidest school. In James Caldwell High School, Not only is every kid inn there a cocky little bitch , but they also run around in their little groups with their abercrombie designer shit strutting like wanna-be lil' waynes and trying to sagg their jeans when their whiter than a fuckin polar bear. Every grade has that one exclusive group that won't stop taking pictures of themselves and putting Seniors and juniors decide to fuck with freshmen. Girls pretend to be sluts but are actually prude as fuck. Weekends consist of people selling each other handles for 50$ and everyone getting drunk in someones house. Our sports programs are beast, but coachs usually let kids get edges in playing time when parents bribe them, especially the basketball team which has not won a county title since 1958. And finally during the summer everyone goes to these big-ass beach houses and get fucked up and pretend to life this fantasy life where no one really knows how fuckin gay they are. So Seriously if you ever get the chance to come here don't go, its like the fakest bunch of fuckin bitchass faggots in the entire essex county, seriously if you see this shithole you'll be begging to go to newark.. LOL jk no one wants to there.
Wanna Be Wigger: YOO maaa niqqa i just got hard on some new lil' wayne shit yo his drops are radddical.

Emo Spanish Kid: dude your white shut the fuck up, lil' wayne sucks dick.


Try-Hard Faggot1: Yo man last weekend was off the hoook we went insane with those wine coolers i swear i was drunk after the first 5 minutes

Try-Hard Faggot 2: Yeah that shit was fun,i bought a handle from Mike for 70 dollars. We're going crazy this weekend!

Try Hard Faggot 1: Yeah man then we can some SICK pictures and put up like a million on facebook, man we're like alcoholics now.

Try Hard Faggot 2: Yeah man can't wait to choade it up on XBOX later i prestiged twice in MDF!

Try Hard Faggot 1: Yeah man ill come over later and help you with your

Caldwell/West Caldwell District
by thatkidyoulovetohate41 May 26, 2011
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