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In the same vein as a dirty Sanchez or a dirty Rodriguez, however the upper lip of the victim is coated with the fromunda cheese from inside the foreskin of an uncircumcised penis (can even be the victim's own penis)
Elizabeth: Damn, i've been smelling calamari alfredo all day!
Charlotte: I thought you only had two deviled eggs and 3 martinis for lunch for lunch, not a pasta dish?!?
Elizabeth: Oh, its got nothing to do with lunch. Rather, last night Charles wanted me to give him a sloppy B.J. after he went to rowing practice...
Charlotte: right, and...?
Elizabeth: well,... he was all sweaty so I only let him do me in the missionary position for a while, but I fell asleep in mid bang.
Charlotte: Oh, my! He must have been pissed!
Elizabeth: I'll say! That's why he must have slipped me the old calamari alfredo whilst I slept.
by Mosae November 21, 2011
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