A slang word for crack cocaine, also made famous by a song's lyrics, "Smoking cat food."
"Hey im gonnah run by the crib and pick up your catfood."

"You need any catfood?"

"Bout to go to the spot and bake me some cat food."
by bigwillie4200 October 1, 2011
The smell of your crap after a night on the booze. Usually smells like a freshly opened tin of cat food.
Had a Cat Food Poo this morning. Smelt like Salmon with Trout.
by the burrd September 16, 2008
The Legend of the Koekoeken. A Koekoeken is a monster that steals bodies by playing the victim’s game of their choice. If you lose, the Koekoeken will take your body. If the Koekoeken loses, then they keep that body for the rest of their lives. They bathe in cat food because of the taurine inside of it, as they need it for nourishment. When there was no cat food, they used boiled cow’s urine to keep them sustained. The Koekoeken appears in a Netflix series called, ‘Creeped Out’.
Stu searched up a cat food bath monster on his computer and found out that it was a Koekoeken
by Chrischael November 9, 2021
An expression used when some one fucks up, really badly.
"Did you hear about Ethan crashing his car?"
"Yeah, he really gave the dog cat food."
by Side Biscuit November 3, 2015
The most disgusting meal on earth. Make this horrendous dish for your kitty and watch them turn in to little monsters - who hate you & you hate them.

Make this for your weird human self and cry yourself to sleep.
Mom wants to make cat food jello on thanksgiving.
by KittyDaddyCam November 25, 2021