Some liquified government tracking device, originally from Australia made by some sciency freak and now they want everyone on
News Freak: The covid vaccine is important

Idiot: FUCK no! I'm not putting some tracking device on me
by Im_not_telling_my_name October 06, 2021
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something that kills people and DOES NOT help with the virus
Person 1: did you get the covid vaccine?

Person 2: no that shits gonna kill me!
by antivaxxer <3 June 09, 2021
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When you flex on white bitches that you don't need a mask and immune to covid (not really)
I don't need a mask karen I'm vaccinated with the Covid Vaccine
by Realblacknigga May 30, 2021
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Is a proposed and planned identification system adopted by the totalitarian government of the Biden Administration in 2021 in USA to be imposed and implemented on the general population to grant whose who got vaccinated against SARS-CoV-2 permission to do about anything from normal daily life activities, e.g.; movie theater, bar, 4th of July gathering, to watch sports games at stadiums, traveling between States, etc.
The plan poses a huge threat to privacy and liberty to the people of the free world. It is unfortunately supported by the anti-liberty socialists mainly represented now by the Democratic Party. However, a strong resist exists from several States to prevent such system from being implemented in the Land of The Free.
Person A: I plan to visit my nephew in California in the new year.
Person B: California!! You are gonna need a covid vaccine passport for that.
Person A: That's ridiculous.

Person C: Let's go to a movie
Person D: Do you have vaccine passport?
Person C: I got vaccinated, but I am not willing to go around showing everyone that I did to any place I am about to go to.
Person D: Well, we are gonna need to revolt against this totalitarian authority first then watch a movie.
by TrueVision20 April 04, 2021
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A vaccine used to give immunity or at least protection to the coronavirus. The first two for the US came out December 2020, and there are more vaccines for other countries. A third US vaccine came out March 2021. As time goes by, more people will get vaccinated and become eligible for the vaccine. So far the vaccines are only available for people as young as 16 but the vaccines are currently being tested on children. A vaccine for children could take up to the fall of 2021 to come out. Hopefully, the vaccine should be widely available in the spring of 2021, if not it will become widely available summer 2021. To reach herd immunity, we need 70-80% of the place, such as the US or a US state fully vaccinated. If 2 million people are vaccinated a day, then we could reach herd immunity as late as September or October 2021, and as early as July or August of 2021. As more people become vaccinated, things will be safer to reopen. In the spring, things with the vaccine will get better, but not many things will reopen, and hopefully the summer should not be bad if people are vaccinated, but the fall will be much better. The 2 main things that we are worried about is vaccine hesitancy due to people not being eligible for the vaccine or people refusing to get vaccinated, and the lack of a vaccine available for children, and the second thing is the variants of the virus that could make the vaccine less effective, but it seems like the vaccines offer decent protection against the variants.
I am getting my first dose of the Covid-19 vaccine tomorrow, then I get my second dose 4 weeks later!
by Avocado2004 March 08, 2021
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