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City titties are the raised, reflective markers used to separate city traffic lanes. They make the distinctive thump, thump, thump, sound as you drive to the outer edges of a lane. They assist the daydreaming or drunk driver that they are going adrift in a sea of concrete.
Mr Wolf gets super annoyed when a driver rides the city titties hard and cause the passengers dental filings to fall out.

After leaving the bar, Kimster used the city titties to get out of the city to the safety of country roads.

Steve is convinced that city titties were put on the road to piss him off daily.

by MR WOLF January 24, 2008
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the bumps along the centerline of the road. they are usually a reflective yellow. like a speed bump
Passenger of a drunk driver: Dude! you've already run over the city titties once tonight, don't do it again!
by illegal fairtrade May 29, 2009
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