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A movie with filled with long CGI special effects scenes, loosely connected by short scenes with minimal plot.
Day After Tommorrow,
by wayne June 21, 2004
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1. The excessive use of CGI (Computer Generated Images) in a poorly written film, generally with dizzying special visual effects.

2. The garish bastardization of Maya; using a highly revered and sophisticated program on a simple and cheesy movie to boost profit (sometimes from excitable children).
At the premier of Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith everyone was excited, but after the "has love blinded you" scene along with the numerous transitions of spaceships landing, a fan dressed as a Jedi screamed "What the fuck with the CGI Porn, Lucas?"
by OddEdges February 01, 2006
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Any movie that compensates for it's feeble, lame, or stupid plot with an overkill of computer generated images and special effects.
by The Movie Critic June 22, 2004
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Movie genre first appearing in the 1980's where extensive or extravagant computer-generated imagery (CGI) results in a mainstream film that is akin to a sexually pornographic film, where the outline of the film consists of numerous sexual acts, tied together with a flimsy plot, often with comically bad segues. CGI porn, like sex porn is written knowing that the target audience does not care if there is a plot, as they are just waiting to masturbate during the next scene. Audience masturbation during CGI porn may or may not involve stroking of the penis, but is usually accompanied by similar vocalizations.

Can also refer to individual segments of feature films or shorts that were obviously written solely for the enjoyment of the CGI staff (aka CAD jockeys).
Tron (1982) and Last Starfighter (1984) were the earliest feature-length CGI films, but The Matrix is a much more definitive example of CGI Porn.
by salu1999 February 15, 2008
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