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A mathematical equation that is taught to all English children the world over.

This translates to - Crumpets, with the addition of a layer of butter and marmite in equal measure are, by there very nature, quite delightful.

This is the correct manner in which crumpets are to be presented. The rather coarse American tradition of jam (with or without butter) is a poor substitute, never to be practiced by any person that aims to imitate the manners of the upstanding English gentleman.
Goodness Quentin! Does this woman not know her C+(B+M)=QD's??
"Damn your preserve woman, pass me the bloody marmite!" is that I should of said.

JAM on my BLEEDIN' CRUMPETS?? Are you 'aving a laugh? Were you not taught no math at school??? C+(B+M)=QD and dontchu forget it!
by Eighthoursbehind March 26, 2012
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