Any sex involving the anus. There are three degrees to butt sex:

1. Regular butt sex. That is anal sex involving plenty of lubrication and great care to avoid injury.

2. Rough butt sex. Anal sex involving little lube by those who like it rough. Spit or similar substances may also be used.

3. Angry butt sex. No lube, no preparation. Obviously not a very happy time for the recipient.
1. The kind of butt sex most people have.

2. Think Brokeback Mountain.

3. ...ummm....I don't think this actually happens.
by The mighty anonym May 21, 2007
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butt sex

n : anal intercourse committed by a man with a man or woman syn: sodomy, buggery, anal intercourse Dildos, fingers, bananas, cucumbers and digits are applicable. If you get into that sort of thing.
"Kirk and Julien had butt sex."
"I Heart Butt Sex!"
"Put it in my butt, I love that feeling!"
"Samantha loved it when she had butt sex, she talks about it all the time."
by Taylor April 06, 2005
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1. The best thing ever. Anywhere.

2. The act of getting royally screwed over.
1. Minaki gave Matsuba buttsex last night!

2. Dude! The repair man really buttsexed my computer this time!
by Oos! OMGWTFLMAO August 11, 2004
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When your ass gets full of dick. Possibly a large dildo. May cause anal tearing without lube.
That dude just had buttsex with 85 people at once, including the president.
by Mr. Blazin September 26, 2017
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butt sex is when two girls, or two guys(weird), or a girl and a guy(also weird) take a dildo, or a dildo like shaped object and stick it in each others assholes and bang back and forth
i love butt sex (actually i just couldnt think of an example and i think this shit is weird)
by david rogers February 02, 2005
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