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The most inexplicable, vivacious liquid concoction know to man. Once thought to be an urban legend, Buster Punch has reached world renowned fame showing up in places like Amsterdam and Dubai. This drink is made with simple ingredients; 1 part Crown Royale, 3 parts water, powdered pink lemonade (follow instructions on mix of choice). Once properly mixed, serve over ice, stand back. This libation is a tried and true panty dropper. This drink was invented by a curiosly stunning redneck with the last name of Buster in a bar called the Dixie Chicken in College Station, Texas. The game of Buster Golf was reportedly invented by Buster and his roommate the fabulously rad rocker Gaston. This can not be confirmed, as these two were always drinking and whorin around (though, Gaston's wife knows nothing of this so don't tell her.)
The ladys love it, just give'em a glass or two of Buster Punch and watch the panties drop.
by SweetDutchGirl February 27, 2008
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