a phrase meaning 'chilling'. Used as an alternative to 'chilling' or 'cotching'.
Originating as a phrase used to explain going on a bus, but now used to explain 'chilling'.
Guy 1: what you up to mate?
Guy 2: Just bussing it mate.
by bussingittotheextremejk January 18, 2011
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Taking the bus rather than number 11(walking)or other modes of transport
by Sij the seller June 6, 2015
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buss, buss-er, buss-ing
'U' character is pronounced like 'oo' in book.
Sounds like 'puss' as in pussy cat.
Buss is a universal descriptive word that covers all strength, power, skill, beauty and prowess.
"Man, did you see that Anthony Mundine fight? Knocked him out in one punch! That guy has buss."

"Man, she this hot chick coming this way? She's a busser!"

"Here comes a Ferrari! Man, that guy is bussing along!"
by Josh Reynolds February 27, 2008
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A Carribean (Virgin Islands) term use to describe a major heartbreak or sense of disappointment

Buss Chest= Heartbreak x5
I find out last night dah my side ting dem bin actin single.! TIS BUSS CHEST!!!!!!
by MR. BUSS CHEST November 17, 2019
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British slang for somebody being found not guilty in court and being let free
Yeah mans buss case, ima free man now!
by DetzKid August 24, 2012
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hawaiian slang for -- getting all fucked up. usually referred to as getting drunk, or stoned, but can mean gettin your ass kicked.
eh bullay u stay all buss, chee dawgeh!!
by nickvdub June 2, 2007
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buss, kinda nice
well the buss is like danks.
its uh, kinda like.. ya know. gettin the buss.
if you get the buss, you get the buss.
If you don't get it, you're gey.
it is sooo nice!
by Deenks4DaBuss September 11, 2008
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