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When you buy a rolley or expensive watch and add more diamonds to it after purchase.
My rolleys buss down
by Mg089 March 23, 2017
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A person (usually a woman) who is known to give oral sex quite often.
Ugh! Look at that girl over there sitting on the corner, looking like a buss down.
by Mike Brown July 29, 2004
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a woman that is very promiscuous and will have sex with any man. whore, slut
that girl is a bussdown, she will sleep with anyone.
by bilhed G October 12, 2003
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A female who sleeps around with males of the same crew or a bunch of males period .
Lay a bussdown she fucked with all the niggas brentnell .
by BanggGangg November 17, 2018
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a song by Wiz Khalifa to off his Prince of the City 2 mixtape, detailing the type of exclusive female he would like pleasuring his entorage as well as himself. in other word a secret jump off, or cum bucket for taylor gang
wiz says in his verse:"Hell no she aint a hoe, she a buss down "
by 5'2cutie December 06, 2010
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chicago based term meaning a girl who gives head, also known as knoding off
shawty ova there a buss
by chi-town og June 25, 2005
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