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When you are so hung over, tired, or just bored at work that you pretend to go take a shit so you get 10-15 minutes to yourself
Man, I was so hung over this morning I had to take a business shit for a half hour just to get it together.
by Cracksmack12345 August 19, 2009
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The act of dressing up in a suit especially to take a shit and the feeling of triumph and superiority over your blue collar counterparts in doing so.

There are two requirements that need meeting for your shit to be classed as a business shit: the first is that you must not be wearing a suit to begin with; at the first sign of urgency you should rush to the wardrobe and suit up. And the second is that the suit must consist of a jacket, trousers, smart shoes and a shirt and tie.

Points are awarded on urgency, details of the outfit (suspenders, cravate, tophat, bluetooth, briefcase, umbrella etc) and extracurricular activites (conference calling, checking the FTSE, smoking a cigar, reading the financial times etc)
I was having the greatest business shit today I could have stayed in there all afternoon but time is money so I was outa there in a timely fashion
by skeebe03 October 21, 2011
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When two people need to take a shit at the same time. The first person takes a shit in the normal fashion, the second person sits on the first's lap, facing them, and shits in between the first person's legs.

Used only in circumstances where both people are in a hurry. By no means has any sexual connotation.
"Holy Shit, David, I really need to take a shit!"
"Dammit, Logan, I gotta shit too!"
"I guess we're just gonna have to business shit it up..."
"I gotta shit so bad, that's fine with me."
by Hugh G Wreksion July 25, 2009
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