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biz-nis druhngk (-adj.)

1. Being intoxicated in a professional setting with the goal of improved networking, or creating an environment conducive to closing deals; usually achieved through the use of expense accounts and open bars.

2. A true test of business prowess, as these goals must be achieved through, and in spite of the wide availability of top shelf alcohol.
"Boy, I just can't seem to get any traction with this new client!"
"Well, let's invite him to the Four Seasons on Friday and get business drunk!"

"Did you hear how Rachel ended up exposing her breasts to that client at the Four Seasons?"
"Pshh...what a novice, doesn't even know how to stay business drunk."
by Arloc December 09, 2009
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When everyone wears a tie and sunglasses and gets wasted. Doing this guarantees an awesome night. Well it's assumed so, no one has ever actually remembered anything the next day. Inspired by an episode of 30 Rock.
Example One:
Tisha get your tie, Cindy and I are going business drunk to the Grotto.

Example Two:
I have an interview in the morning, so I'm preparing for it by getting business drunk tonight.

Example Three:
Frat Guy: Dude why do I keep finding all these ties in random places?

Frat Guy Two: Dude Business Drunk last night.
by Hottie McHotterton October 04, 2009
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