the most fucking ignorant, homophobic, retarded, hicky daddy's boy from straight outta the booneys that ever lived. he does not know how to talk. he plunged the united states into this iraqi war even after he said that it was over. his grandfather is even one of those who helped hitler rise in power. believe it or not. i happened to see this on the news when george bush was running for his second term. it was a documentary. the bush family wanted one thing for the last 100 years, and this is to be the most powerful family on the planet. He is nothing but a fucking retarded twat ass piece of bull terd that has already been eaten by flies, and pooped out again
bushes bushit fvmkvmfkvmkfmv
by faerlan April 01, 2007
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1. Antichrist (see www.bushisantichrist.com)
2. a butthole who almost choked on a pretzel
3. worst president in the history of this embarrassed country
4. a blithering idiot
5. One who cannot say the name of a weapon he has millions of.
6. unfair tyrant who raises taxes like we were only paying $10.
2. Joe: i almost choked on a pretzel.
Dude: OMG ur such a bush
3. Bush is worse than Warren G Harding and Nixon combined
4. I just got a zero on a test that u get five hundred points on just for putting ur name on it! i'm such a bush!
5. What do you call a man who cannot say words correctly? A Bush (i.e "Nucular" and "Sadamn Husain")
6. "My fellow americans, we need more tax dollars, which we only have 9 trillion dollars of. We have now increased the price by 500,00 dollars. "
by bush hater 92 March 16, 2007
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an asshole named after the hairs covering the cunt.
AKA george W bush
Bush besh what the hell is this example thingie (i'm not canadian. but i still don't get it)
by Phr33k March 06, 2004
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Idiot, Because so many people call Bush an idiot, Bush could mean idiot.
guy 1: "wow man you're such a Bush"
guy 2: "i know man, it must be the alcohol"
random guy: "i did now have any sexual relations with that woman"
by Bobby D. Crouch January 03, 2008
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George W. Bush, hopefully last of a long line of anti-American terrorists, responsible for the demolition of the World Trade Centre (buildings 1,2 and 7) and bombing of the Pentagon by cruise missile. A terrorist, traitor and murderer of the people he is sworn to protect. Aware of LooseChange911 but arrogant enough to remain in office.
Bush killed thouands of people and got away with blaming it on "suicide" terrorists who are still alive.
by Nexie December 20, 2006
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