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1. when all the stuff inside a burrito sloshes out onto your pants and you start raging

(it only works if you paid more than 7 dollars for that burrito)
guy 1: "ack! its a burrito blowout!"

guy 2: "Hey ur getting it all over me"

guy 1: "YOU! EMPLOYEE! gimme a refund!"

employee: "no refunds"

guy 2: "gimme some new pants or i call teh poleez on you"

*guy 1 runs away*

*employee takes a stress leave*
by June 09, 2018
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When the bottom of a burrito breaks open and all your burrito goodness leaks out the bottom like burrito diarrhea.
Due to burrito blowout, my pants are destroyed.
by Diamond Dan November 16, 2013
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