The burrito supreme occurs and is quite baffling when a female squeezes off a hot steamy shit on a males phallus, once the deed is done, the female will then proceed to obtain a 97% flour tortilla, once she has retrieved the tortilla, she will wrap it around the previously shitted on dick. Then, she will start to stoke your hard penis real nice and rough-like. once the male orgasm is initiated,she quickly takes the tortilla off of the penis and consumes it most delightfully.
Yes, I gave him a burrito supreme last night.
by Tyler Zack Auggie Zach December 31, 2010
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The act of filling a womens vaginal cavity, and or anal cavity, with taco meat and performing intercourse
My friend, Kyle, gave Sarah the Supreme Burrito
by gary beriter June 3, 2007
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When you stick your penis through a burrito and have sex with somebody
by Wowygary October 9, 2019
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When you're getting so horny that you cut a burrito in half and fuck the burrito while inside a vagina/butthole.
Person: Dude were you at the orgy at Taco Bell last night?

Person 2: Yes bro it was so crazy I gave this girl The Burrito Supreme
by NippleChan69 August 31, 2018
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