When you drink a sprite or Fanta or whatever and you burp and you feel that shit through your nostrils and can taste it in your nose.
I just drank some sprite cranberry and it was great *sprite burps*
by Javybaezfan December 06, 2018
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When you burp into your hands, cup them together, turn to a person and whilst thrusting your hands towards them whilst opening hands and shouting “Hadouken” releasing the burp.
Girlfriend sitting on couch and I thought “I should Street Fighter Burp her”
*i burp into hands and look at her*
by Sir_Rutto August 28, 2021
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when a burp takes a unholy ammount of time to occur
Good god man, you good?

Yeah its just this unexpected(BELCHES WITH THE MIGHT OF FUCKING ZEUS) burp.

say that again?
unexpected burp.
by Chili Bobsleds. November 07, 2021
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