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An outer suburb to the south of Minneapolis. Known for its large number of fascist cops and speed traps.
That fucking Burnsville cop pulled me over because he said my license plate light was out.
by Paktu September 06, 2003
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noun; a city on the outer suburbs of minneapolis that is known for having a ghetto white trash high school that is peppered with an overwhelming amount of diversity. It will always be inferior of it's neighboring city, savage.

Adjective; a bright glowing std located on your genitalia that constantly creates an itchy and burning sensation.
noun; tom- "hey man i heard you had a game in burnsville last night!"

phillip- "yeah dude it was terrible, we had to drive away with our windows locked up because we were in fear for our own lives."

verb; "jesus man, ever since i hooked up with that girl last month i havent been able to get rid of this burnsville!"
by toungepunchmyfartbox August 19, 2011
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A slurb on the outskirts of Minneapolis,MN. Like most suburbs,Burnsvill is were
culture and diversity go to die.

If you abhor diversity, culture, and houses that have real character, move to Burnsville!
by Mistacoolio March 25, 2008
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small hick town on the outskirts of Iuka, MS. It is full of gas stations and racists. People of different races, gays, or anybody that's not a redneck does not survive here.
In Burnsville, your mom is your brother and your brother is your dad.
by Drew June 06, 2004
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