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Two males fiercely rubbing their man branches, creating heat.
It is getting a little chilly out here. Let's go inside and continue this conversation while burning wood.
by Burning Man September 05, 2011
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Captain Don: "You're gonna have to take every other draw tonight, because scottie crab got hurt, so its just you and dunny in the circles tonight. But I need you to pace yourself it's the Championship game for all the marbles"

Slick Willie: "No problem I'll just play Center lock and only jump up in the play at key moments to save energy"

Scottie Crab: ahh Jeff were you (on the way to the rink) burning wood (again)
by ScaldedDog August 04, 2009
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The feeling one gets in his penis the morning after being with an unclean women.
The Doc said the best way to avoid burning wood was to get a new pair of beer goggles.
by The Guardian August 14, 2007
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