Burner Car, is a car that has been stolen and is being used for a robbery, joy ride etc. which is later disposed of, usually by setting it on fire.
Very common in Merseyside, UK and London, can also be heard in many recent drill songs across the UK (Grime).
"Aye Laa we dashed the scene in a burner car" - We escaped in a car that we will dispose of later
by BigManK00 November 06, 2019
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Whenever your losing an argument with someone just call them "their name car" with a picture of an ugly car. The car remark has built up has become especially popular in the minecraft modded star wars community but has gradually developed a further reach spreading into other communities.
burner: Thats literally a federal crime im reporting you to the police
you: burner car

charles: you realize the point you just made is stupid and incorrect right?
you: charles car
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