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When you feel the burn while you pee after fucking a skank.
Caught me a burner bitch last night bro. I can't pee without thinking about her.
by Johnnyrivers July 26, 2017
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Washed up, no good, used up, rigged up, not wanted, disposable female used to make money and deals for the dealer without making anything, poor hygiene, usually compared to a hood rat, you are unable to get rid of her, often acts like a leach, known as a Felicia, always high.
Justin: yo bro, did u hear about that burner bitch, Heather?
Roman: mmmhmmm, I hear she work the trap cheap.
Justin: you keep that B.B. rigged up she'll do anything. I hear you can't get rid of her though.
Roman: that's alright as long as that money comin.
by Thedrunkchannel May 18, 2017
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