a six dollar burger is a big pussy. a pussy that can fit on your hand.
That girls pussy was so huge. She had a six dolla burger.
by mirtomp June 28, 2009
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Where you fuck someone in the eye while their very drunk and it makes their eyes yellow
by BOSSDOG3107 July 24, 2021
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Combination of three words used by the legendary nobody Trambak Ray when he wants to talk about a dangerous situation that he somehow managed to survive
Random person 1: So did you buy takeout again?

Ray: Nope. I managed to avert that danger by cooking instant ramen and crying over it in the balcony. Yolo Swag Burger.
by DeathRay2x961 May 29, 2021
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Alcohol and energy drinks mixed together which is thought to cause the same effects as cocaine (e.g. vodka and a can on monster mixed)
“Hey dude what drink do you want me to buy you?”
“I’ll have a can of monster
“Is that it? That’s not going to get you fucked”
“Nah mate I’m going to mix it for a zinga-burger
by Justalilprick February 07, 2019
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