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Burbz 2 Brix iz THE trill azz rap group straight out the 608. Composed of members DJ David D, Pankz, MJP, Turtle Eddie, and Bad Boy LaJont, and signed to RI-or-DIE Records, they tell the story of a po azz nigga who made a livin coming up from tha struggle by movin weight and bustin caps and anybody that got in their way. They released their first single "We Rep Guci" which reached #1 in the charts in the first 24 hours off their first album "Tha Greatest Hitz".
Bro 1: "Dude what the fuck is this shit on yo iPod?"
Cracka 1: "It's that new White Penguins song i downloaded off itunes."
Bro 1: "Holy Shit my ears are bleeding, you best put on some of that Burbz 2 Brix shit before i lynch myself in the tech ed room."
Cracka 1: "...But their on itunes...?"
Bro 1: "I dont give NO fucks. Burbz 2 Brix fo lyfe!!!:
by DJ David D January 15, 2011
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