one of the worst expensive brand of clothing out there in the market today.the reasons for this are:
the brand has been downgraded because of those fucking gay pikeys like those ones down da holloway endz, u know the ones who wear a fake burberry hat, nikolson polo shirt, adidas joggers, and some nike cortez creps which they have been wearing for the past 5 years, they are poor muthafuckers, they are loud, stupid, and have nothing better to do than to graffiti BNP all over subways.

burberry is shitty because too many of its clothes have been copied and look even shittier than the real thing.
i dont like the pattern, and if there is something which i dont like, then no-ine is allowed to like it kappeesh?
by anonymous August 10, 2004
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make of clothig (often fake) witch people who think there hard wear caps must b worn at 45 degree angle on head
my granys t towel after ivewiped my ass with it 10 times been sick on it twice blownmynose on it and left it to rot out side leave 4 2 days woww burberry

"townie-burberry boy"im hard ive got burberry, u startin bahhhhhh

"greebo"fu*k off BANG(blood everywhere broken jaw)
by greebooooooo March 04, 2004
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cool people dat wear a tartan which is better dan skater and goth fuckers
well cool and nice and iz not crap and better dan dem fuckin sk8er and goth wankers
by dan da chav July 28, 2005
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The term that is used to alert a friend or multiple friends when an administrator is near
Jacob: texting at school*


Jacob: oh shit! thanks :D

teacher passes by*
by WHAGARBLE April 01, 2011
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The shirts niggas wear to shower their child.
β€œHe got on the Burberry, he bouta go to his baby shower
by xoxo335 August 14, 2019
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