burberry isent cheap if u buy the real deal n no chav could afford it on the rock n roll im a proud owner of a few nova check burberry shirts n they go well with a stone island jacket n a nice pair of henri lloyd jeans perfect football wear n no u dont get beat up by fans for wearing it coz most football hooligan fights are pre arranged. the reason it has a chav imige is coz of the kids goin the market n buyin a cheap cap with the nova check on same as they could go buy a cheap hugo boss or DnG fakes does it mean we cant wear them no more..
little nob head with is fake gear n bottle of cider dosent wear burberry he wears cheap fake shit
by manchester city guvnors August 16, 2006
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Burberry is an actual clothing company which primarily makes plad patterned clothing and accessories. The urban definition for burberry is generally plad clothing.
"Back in Orleans we put burberry patches over our pockets....that was straight gangsta!!!!"
by playnpimpnballer September 10, 2003
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The worst type of berry ever.
Clothes, mostly caps, worn by chavs and wankers who think its cool
Burberry is for chavs
by Leeko22Arsenal February 28, 2008
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(1) A clothing company that does make generally nice clothes when they have no plaid on them. I have been inside Burberry and a lot of it looks like any other upmarket desinger, but all the items with the burberry check scream out CHAV CHAV CHAV!!
(2) The signature looks for wannabe chavs. The real chavs, who are unnaware of their chav status, will totally warn off burberry, as 'Burberry's for chavs innit?? not me!! im propa minted!!' the wannabe chavs all have FAKE Burberry visors/caps/scarves/dog coats/shoes etc etc even though they probably know that if they ever try to wear it in public they'll b beaten up.
(1) Girl: Omigosh darls, just got the most gorge burbs cashmere scarf!!
Friend: Oh god no, it doesnt have the print on does it?? theyll all think youre a filthy chavster!!
Girl: No, babes, dnt worry, its plain black, rather cheap, only 80!! I got daddy to remove the label, and ive convinced him to start sponsering them..i mean its all sooo burberry prosum isnt it darls??

(2) Oi!! Check out this fucking mint cap i jst got off th market for a fiver!! well butters innit??? burrrberrri nd everyfink! sayz so on tha labewl!!! Fucking coool innit?
by .sksjf0-]534wejd'ri0t April 22, 2006
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Clothing describes as above by rude boys, this clothing has to be worn to gain entry to the sad groups over the uk called "the burberry massive"
by Scott Iliffe July 16, 2003
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A brand of clothing (and other random crap) with the most hidious checked pattern as its trademark.It is very expensive. Burberry should be made illegal.
Burberry caps are worn by gary boy pricks, with the peak pointing up towards the sky at a 45 degree angle.
by Alex October 26, 2003
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The company that origionally made raincoats. Their Signiture is the red, black and beige checkers. and it is definetly pronounced like. BER-BEAR-IE not BER-BERRY.. There are no Berries in that word. Im sorry thats my pet peeve.
"i love burberry, their bathing suits are the hottest"
by Kaysey April 11, 2006
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