obviously none of the people writing these definitions are fashion students or have any understanding of fashion,,, knock offs are made of all high fashion brands this is nothing to do with the brand and is not in thier control, yes burberry knock offs were worn by football fooligans in the early 90's and yes they did look like dicks but if you look at the original burberry garments of that time the burberry RED WHITE AND BIEGE check (not brown!) was used tastfully as a lining. Burberry were very ashamed of the reputation gained by the knock offs and have now regained thier high fashion reputation,, look it up and stop stereotyping!!!!
look at Burberry 2011 ad campaign shot by Mario Testino
by fashion student May 01, 2011
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Twat tartan for twats. Items of clothing such as caps that chavs must wear at a forty degree angle to their heads. Can be reffered to as "chavberry".
"Don't touch my burberry peak fucker, otherwise i will throw bottle-caps at you"
"I am hard because i am wearing a fake pair of burberry socks"
by Andy June 01, 2004
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This is infact a very expensive brandname, but the b*st*rd townies decided to buy cheap burberry items from the market, to make themselves look hard and like an old womans hat.
Also see scally, townie and tinnie
Townie: "w'eh look at ma blingin' burberry init"
by John Greenfield May 21, 2004
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Tartan for twats. Disgusting brown check-patterned clobber worn by tasteless morons (see townie) who live in shabby provincial towns like Staines, Basingstoke, and Plymouth, listen to mind-numbing dance/garridge/rap music, and hang around shopping centres in groups of about 27 (like their idols, Blazin' Squad) so they can safely beat up and rob anybody sporting long hair, jeans, and a Nirvana t-shirt "cos they're queer, innit!" Most members of the 'burberry massive' (regardless of sex) wear a cheap imitation type of burberry purchased at the local market for a fiver - if its the genuine article, you know its been stolen! The most common form of burberry clothing worn by the male of the species is a hideous brown-checked baseball cap, worn at a pointed 45-degree angle, designed to facilitate the headbutting of lamp posts/students/goths, as well as allowing them to see where they're going when walking with their heads facing the floor (to allow the easy discharge of chewing gum, phlegm, and/or
3 litres of White Lightening cider. In other words, a dole monkey's prison blues!!!
Moron 1: "Wot do ya fink of my boss Burberry threads!"
Moron 2: "Yeh, dats da bizness, now all ya need is the trakkie bottoms tucked into fuck-off big Reeboks an' you can join the crew, innit?"
Moron 1: "Yeh, maybe I should steal some like, ugh! ugh! ugh!"
Moron 2: "Massive!!!"
by Antitownie April 12, 2004
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What you call plaid when you pay too much for it.
Ohh plaid interior. No its burberry
by bob saget March 26, 2004
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the official cltohing supplier of NEDS
oh theres a ned wearing burberry wot a surprise
by waaaay April 29, 2004
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A checkered designer pattern that is rather nice.
Worn by Charvers and Football Hooligans.
But of course, not everyone who wears Burberry is either a Charver or a Football Hooligan.
It really isn't as bad as people think.
by Glittery Goddess June 27, 2004
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