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A term for when a guy has sex or tries to have sex with a ridiculous ammount of women. A reverse gang bang but gone crazy wild.

Basically put a guy has sex with sex with between 5 to 25 women in one orgy party. Normally seen in porn or in guys dreams but on ocassion seen as real. In this type orgy the males lays and is ridden, when one partners (male or female) climaxes. The female jumps off and another takes her place.

This type of orgy is not recommended. Why ? Its every guys dream right . Unless you want to be "milked" so long Viagra couldnt help you. "Ridden" so manny time (even against your will) your dick is burning for a week. Your back in traction for 2 weeks
The bunny orgy went into its 3rd day as the women showed no sign of satisfaction or tire. While the male looked near death
by Theamazinggeek April 16, 2018
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