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A term used in paintball describing one who is hit but declines to raise his hand (or the team does not see the gesture of failure) alerting that he is out of the hame.Instead he retreats into a bunker to put his barrel plug in, but the other players (not knowing he is out) go and let loose their paintballs of fury upon him.

Synonomous with: newb, n00b, getting pwned, lit up, Cairnsy
"Yo check out this bunker bunny, all I saw was him go into the bunker and the other team shooting into it and then him limpng off the field."
by Conzeus August 18, 2004
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In the terms of paintball, it is one who gets hit while in a bunker, but the other team doesn't know it, and while he/she is putting their barrel plug in get attacked from all sides by 6 or more people while they unlease hell upon that poor bastard.
When Brian got bunkered by 30 paintball players during that one game, he became known as the Bunker Bunny.
by paintballnoobie August 19, 2004
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one who gets mowed like a muppet, a kid who doesn't shoot mad faces, el noobisimo
damn, i pissed myself when that bunker bunny got mowed like a muppet
by Greg Pattman February 15, 2005
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