The worst alcohol you can possibly find, almost undrinkable. Most often some type of vodka, usually Skol.
"Dude I just took three shots of the bunkest shit ever."
"oh, skol?"
by The Bunk August 19, 2006
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A girl that is very ugly/grimy and you would not want to hook-up with her; something disgusting.
"Dammm sucka dat bitch is bunk."
"Bitches be bunk, lets get out of this place."
by 420nugberrieskush February 14, 2012
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1 .An expression of awesomeness.

2. A sarcastic remark referring to how much you suck at wii golf.

3. Also referring to bunk beds.
Alex: "Nice Bunks"
Ben: "Thanks... Douchebag "
by Kommander Khaos January 13, 2007
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The flap of extra skin between the underside of the base of the male genitalia (penis) and the scrotum. The most awkard and inconvenient place to have an itch.
God my bunk itches like shit. I gots to move my whole package just to get a good scratch
by Dryhumps McGee September 23, 2010
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Slang used to denote the unattractiveness and sloppiness of a woman's ass.
Guy A: Bro, we should call up those Jersey broads and get them over here tonight.

Guy B: No way, dude. Those broads have bunk asses
by The Truth: Live April 20, 2010
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