Combination of the words bum and numb. Bum that has become numb from excessive sitting. Like sitting in front of a laptop in hong kong airport for six hours.
Man I have such a bumb!!
by DoubleBlondes June 16, 2011
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Is an act of kindness towards anyone that greats you...It means Be Under My Bed and also means generic person. Don't believe me? look it up on images. When you are called a bumb, likely it's a homeless man attempting to take you to his cardboard box, and rape you.
you are the type of person to bumb, you look like a bumb
by Dylan Peirens October 23, 2019
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The word for a clueless person who loves robots and says everything at the wrong time and really likes sending off dogs.
Damn! Was he just kissing his robot? He's a bumb
by TheOneLad July 19, 2019
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