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The act of two homeless individuals or more engaging in sexual intercourse. Homeless couples and random homeless hook-ups can often be found in Porta Johns. The far more rare "homeless orgy" would be more exquisitely exemplified with that of an empty parking garage (see Time magazine's 1998 issue of "Sexual Vagabonds: The Story of Homeless Love Making In The Land of the Free").
Hi, this is Christine Stophler with Channel 8 news at twelve. Tonight we have a report on severe STD'S being spread within the homeless community. From filed reports, we have heard that a majority of these infections are the result from what many consider on the street as "unprotected- bumb sex". We go now to Joscelin in Nevadian Park with more updates on the situation at hand.
by DementedPhilosophy November 16, 2014
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