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When there is a complete lack of words for a certain individual who lacks anything relateable, and is probably a straight up dumbass at heart and soul.
"I dont even know what the hell to say, what a fuckin bumdart man...yea that works"
by Ben Topham November 29, 2007
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A sport in which one takes part in homosexual buggery..... for fun
Huw challenges Darky to a game of bum darts. Darky accepts because huw brainwashed him with his annoying mumbling voice that makes people want to be sick and said he'd talk forever unless Darky accepted. Huw, of course won with a whitewash because of a combiantion of factors; Huw had 30 bullseyes in a row and Darky could not tell if it was his ass or his poop due to his tanned-ness
by Lewis March 17, 2003
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1) A person who preys on those more fortunate than themseves using pity and deviousness for personal gain with minimal effort.
2) A degenerate of society.
3) A homeless transient.
4) A person with poor hygene.
5) A person with low self esteem
He ripped me off!The jaded loser...What a F#cking Bumdart!
by anon-e-mouse December 15, 2004
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An olympic event on Barrack Hill in Newport
"Dad, You're cheating, your ass is so big and my cock is so small, You cant lose"

"Shuttup, Huw and play"
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another name for a gay man who is particularly interested in Butt sex. Bordering obsessive compulsive preoccupation
Don't invite Simon he's always trying to be a bum dart with any new men I bring over.
by meat hole March 26, 2010
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what happens when you need to get an A in your Calculus class,
so you stick your equation in your professor ass!!!
by mike November 22, 2003
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