Rhyming slang for an over-patriotic Brit (bulldog shit).

Typical Bulldog:

trumpets the role of Britain in the Second World War, yet who was not alive during that period;

is able real off a list of "injustices" perpetrated upon Britain by all manner of nations from 1066 to the modern day;

has a complete grasp of history, except for the inconvenient bits, e.g. drawing up the map of the modern Middle East or creating an empire based upon an industrialised slave trade;

has a list of great British inventions at the ready which includes the Internet and radar;

does not trust anything European except for Stella Artois, a holiday in I-Beefa (Ibiza) twice a year and their "local" football team which is 100 miles away;

is always one sentence away from "Don't mention the war" or "Over sexed, over paid and over here".
Did you go down the pub last night?

Yes, but I left early. The place was full of pissed Bulldogs singing Land of Hope and Glory.
by The Fifth Column May 10, 2008
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The bulldogs are a gang located in Fresno CA. They commit 68% of the crimes in Fresno. They originated in a prison (I forgot which one) in 1984. They were started in room 4-12. They always have each others back and you should never speak down on their name. They jump, and strip people. To join the gang you have to be jumped in by other members. Also you get a F burned into your left hand in between your pointer finger and thumb.
Amelia:Aye, did you hear Dora joined the bulldogs?

Angelina:yea, I might join too.
by Isfn January 15, 2018
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Animal: a certain dog breed that can be characterized by their breathing problems and silly face.

Person: a guy that's drunk enough to look and drool like one.
Person:"Hey did you hear about James the other night? "
Person 2:"Yeah man, he looked like a bulldog after drinking 3 pints."
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by DemonicalyPro March 07, 2018
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