A new name for a dog breed pug.

jisung pwark saw a pug on his hello busan live and called the pug – bulldog.

jisung : (saw the pug) fire dog

bulldog (불독) = fire dog

불 (bul) in korean means fire therefore,

불(bul)독(dog) = fire dog LOL.
saw a pug: oh a bulldog :D

if jisung says it's a bulldog, then it is a bulldog.
by jisung's ubb June 19, 2021
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The act or penetrating a girl from the rear (whether anally or vaginally) and grunting, much like a male bulldog would do in this situation.
"dude, i totally bulldogged that girl last night"
by anabolic August 6, 2008
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Tradename used by notorious gay male prostitute and Republican op-ed writer James Dale Guckert on several of his escorting websites. Guckert, a beefy 40 something fond of posting online pictures of himself urinating, falsely advertised himself as an ex-Marine and marketed his services primarily to older closeted military officers and political types.
Bulldog. $200/hr and a "total top." Discretion assured.
by A. Hick July 25, 2006
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verb; Jutting out the lower jaw when tipping up a bottle at a club or bar as to not lose eye contact. Comes from the term "bottoms up." This creates the look of a bulldog.
he was bulldogging that bottle

He bulldogged like a champ
by Tiffagreg Inc Corp, LLC March 31, 2011
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aye man, remember when i punked this kid after i beat him in his own game... Straight Bulldogging.
by 510 Newark April 28, 2008
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The large folds of fatty flesh which form around the under belly and/or other flabby places of the human body which resemble a bulldog puppy's face and body.
by M Bailey October 26, 2005
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