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A "builder's special" is when land is purchased (or an existing house demolished) in an established neighborhood of well-appointed homes of unique architecture by a builder who then builds a pedestrian home consisting of mainstream components and little architectural interest. Builder specials are almost always in-fill to an existing neighborhood.

While all McMansions are Builder Specials, the derisive term Builder Special is reserved for a pedestrian home placed in a neighborhood of unique homes, whereas McMansions are often clustered together in a subdivision of McMansions.
Yeah, a developer bought the vacant lot across the street and is putting in a builder's special.
by Johnny Cakes 999 December 21, 2012
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Whenever a house is built in a subdivision for the momentary gain of the evil developers and "home builders", this is what the landscaping is refered to.
Often in place of a wooded area that contains irreplacable diversity in it's flora and fauna, The builder will select a generic assortment of bushes, trees, and other plants. These will typically include the short lived Bradford Pear, Red Maple, Pin oak (both native to marshy areas), Burning Bush, Japanese Barberry (both considered invasive), various Junipers & arborvites, Korean Boxwood, and whatever other generic plants they have to choose from at places like WAL-MART, Lowes, Home Depot, K Mart and Target.
This is even the case around 2 million dollar McMansions.

This is one of the reasons why suburban sprawl is so damaging and why it disrupts the delicate ecological balance.

The builders special can also be seen around commercial development.
What a waste of land, this was 100 acres of farmland plus another 50 acres that was forested, and now we have a generic sudivision with 2 acre lots, McManions and ranch houses set all the way to the back of their lots. And whatever varity of plants that was found in the wooded portion will be lost forever to be replaced by the builder's special.
by Miskatonic Jack 2 October 17, 2006
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