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Bugatti's new and latest Veyron. Currently fastest production with a top speed of 267.91 mph thrashing the 256.23mph set by the SSC Ultimate Aero. The production cars are "limited" to 257.91 mph to protect the tyres from disintegrating. James May drove this Bugatti to its top speed, doing 259.11 mph and setting a new record for a couple of hours before Bugatti's test driver did an avarage of 267.856 mph (went both directions and May only went one). It has the breakes of Ford Fiesta so it can weight less. Atleast you still get a radio.
Guy 1: Hey check out my new Bugatti Veyron, I spent £1 million on it.
Guy 2: Heh, check out my new Bugatti Veyron Super Sport, I spent £600k more than you to have 150 more horsepower so I can have a higher top speed that I will never manage to reach.
by Whyborg August 16, 2010
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the fastest car IN THE WORLD!!! has been known to reach speeds exceeding 450kms/hour. truly a great car. blink & you'll miss it.
fred: ZOMG!!! did you see that?
harry: no, what was it?
fred: DUDE! that was a bugatti veyron supersport!!!!!!!!
by Yabity October 23, 2010
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