Describing a female ‘dude’, replacing the ‘d’ with a ‘b’ standing for ‘boobs’. Making ‘Bude’ - A Dude with Boobs.
JACK: You’re such a BUDE
JILL: Arrr Thanks twat
by Dr. ANUS September 30, 2011
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A nude pic containing only the girl's boobs in it, and maybe face.
"Yo bro I stole my friend's girlfriend's bude off his phone"
"Sick! Send it to me."

"You got any nudes of her?"
"Nah man, she only sent me a bude."
"Sucks yo."
by Lord of D January 27, 2014
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A town in Devon. Most people who live there are married to a cousin.
Let’s visit bude mum. Hell no son it’s full of weirdos.
by Saggy sphincter March 12, 2021
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Nudes but only for boobs
Yo girl send some budes ok lemme take my bra off
by Pussdestroyer420 March 12, 2018
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Epic pog moment when you fart on your cat
You fared on your cat that's pretty bude
by Pog bude moment September 17, 2020
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