a person who is so lazy and ignorant that fucking co workers over is second nature. either because he is disliked by coworkers, miserable in life, or both. some believe fucking other people over actually makes the buddy fucker feel more complete as a person even if the rest of their life is a total waste.
GUY 1: man, he wrote up that work order again, and he wrote in it that it wasnt done right to begin with just to fuck us with the higher ups.

GUY 2: man what a miserable, faggot, lowlife, buddy fucker!
by sgt boosty May 04, 2010
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A type of exercise usually found in military recruit training where individuals pair up, with one performing an exercise such as pullups, burpees, or pushups, continuously while the other individual has to run to fixed object and back, where they then switch places and continue. The longer the running individual takes to complete the distance, the longer his buddy has to exercise.
Drill Instructor: "Have you really stopped running while he is doing pushups, you really are a buddy fucker!"
by pfc td April 10, 2011
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The friend that puts you in shitty situations
Principle: WHO GRAFFITIED the school's walls
Matt: it was joesph
Joseph: it was him I didn't do a single thing
Principle: both of you are responsible and you will be punished

Joesph: Matt you're a buddy fucker
by Phantom spectre August 01, 2017
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During the Vietnam War, and on until the mid 1980's, the term 'buddyfucker' referred to soldiers with the Military Occupation Specialty (MOS) 05G, Communications Security (or COMSEC) Specialist. COMSEC's job was to monitor friendly radio and telephone traffic for security weaknesses; the rumor started that they were looking for soldiers engaged in criminal activity. MOS 05G was replaced in 1985 by MOS 97G, Multi-Discipline Counter-Intelligence Operator/Analyst.
"Careful what you say on the phone; COMSEC could be listening in. Those buddyfuckers don't pay."
by BigDaddyLVN March 26, 2018
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Military term for someone who does something that makes their coworker’s life more difficult. Related to blue falcon.
Johnson’s a real buddy fucker. He just told Cheif that Smith came in smelling like a brewery today.
by PennyroyalBlack April 17, 2018
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noun: A dude who fucks a chick that his buddy had sex with earlier, generally without said buddy's permission.
Dude, I can't believe Dave did Amanda just a week after she and Ron hooked up. He is such a buddy fucker.
by 51westside June 30, 2011
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A description of one or both individuals in a couple who were at first "just friends." Commonly referred to as "friends with benefits" these indivuals are literally "Buddy Fuckers"
Person1: "Are Kevin and Nichole dating? I thought Nichole was single."
Person2: "Kevin says they're just buddies, but everyone knows he's a Buddy Fucker."
by Rial A. Kidou January 23, 2010
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