The brainwashed soldier in Captain America: The Winter Soldier who causes millions of fangirls to cry at the mere mention of his name. He was not intended to gain this many people emotionally attached to him. He was and is Captain America's right-hand man. He is commonly known as 'Bucky "Your plan is stupid. I'm coming with you." Barnes'.
Bucky Barnes has caused so much emotional turmoil among fangirls worldwide.
by marvelled March 1, 2015
The best fucking Marvel character in existence and god damn you wish he was real. He would be a great friend and an even better boyfriend. Gentle and caring, afraid of harming you. Still living in the 90s and hating on technology, you would have to help him use anything that lit up. Somewhere around 90 years old, but who gives a shit. He's hot.
Holy fucking hell I wish Bucky Barnes was real, and not just in my dreams.
by Ghost.Buster.Girl November 15, 2017
Easily the best character in the MCU. Bucky is amazing. (He's also a pigeon.)
“Man, I really like Bucky Barnes.”
I know, me too.”
by buckythepigeon June 2, 2019
Jesus but hot.
“have you seen Bucky Barnes in Black Panther?”
“yes i’m not an atheist anymore!”
by rosalía April 7, 2021
An underrated character in the MCU that none of the directors, writers or executives are showing affection towards and is finally getting a show.
friend: “have you watched infinity war?”
me:”yeah bucky barnes is sick in it”
friend:”who’s that?”
by _heatopia420blazeitdawg July 16, 2019
James Buchanan Barnes, called Bucky, is a fictional character from Marvel’s comics and movies. Bucky Barnes was born on March 10, 1917, in Brooklyn, NY. He spent his entire childhood at his best friend’s side, Steve Rogers, who would later become Captain America. In 1942, he was drafted into the US Army. A few years later, he fell off a train into a ravine during a mission and was presumed dead. In 2015, during Captain America: Winter Soldier, Bucky is revealed to be alive. He had been captured by the evil organization HYDRA and brainwashed to do their bidding, becoming a puppet of violence called The Winter Soldier. Luckily, Steve Rogers was able to help him escape HYDRA’s physical and mental bonds, and, eventually, Bucky was able to go back to living as a healthy and functioning part of society.
Bucky Barnes and Steve Rogers are the best! I love the Winter Soldier and Captain America!
by kindagroovin March 6, 2020