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A disorder which makes you bitch and become a rotten, cold, Lying, and a spoiled rich whore. Side effects may include Cat Abuse, Giving Chihuahuas liquors and AK 47's, Pissing your Local Mexican Off, and Pretending to be the ultimate Weeaboo in front of your Japanese obsessed friends. If you suffer from any of these symptoms please consult with a real doctor and not one selling condoms for 99 cents.
Michael: Hey My Daughter is suffering from Bucklandnism Disease is there a cure for this stuff?
Doctor: Sorry Mr. Michael Thompson I can't help you right now. There are things that I can do and there are things that I can't do.
Michael: So you're basically saying my daughter is fucked up for life?
Doctor: Unless She stop Snorting Coffee Beans and being a Freaking Whore maybe I can give you a call.
Michael: NOOOOOO! Doctor I need you to Cure the Bucklandnism Disease
Doctor: Fuck this shit, Michael I'm Heading to Hawaii! You're nothing but a crazy bastard.
by Arika Cho cho Butterface March 18, 2017
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