Very addicting mexican candy. So addicting it makes you wanna sing the Black eyed peas song, "Just cant get enough" LOL it's that great. It is Chocolate on the outside and sweet n soft on the inside. Best mexican candy you can have! Can't help but smile while enjoying a Bubu Lubu. Always keep a Bubu Lubu close. :) Sometimes its too sweet, so it's not healthy to have all the time, but if your allowed totally go for it and have it all. At times you may think you want another candy, but trust me you will regret not going with the Bubu Lubu in the first place.
OMG this is GREAT,

I know its a total Bubu Lubu!
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1. Bubu Lubu is a candy from Mexico featuring a strawberry and marshmallow filling with chocolate flavored covering.

2. Bubu Lubu can also be used as an expression for crying.
1. "This Bubu Lubu's chocolate flavored covering is oh so sweet! There's like a party in my mouth and everyone is invited!"

2. "Waa! Bubu Lubu! My favorite hockey team is losing!"
by Queen Dopplepopolis April 19, 2011
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