Bubbler, when a male holds his penis while urinating in a way that makes the piss come out like a drink fountain.

The more experienced bubbler can even take a drink of his own excretement.
“Come on Josh give us another bubbler like you did at the casino last boys night.”
by Jbruzz March 26, 2019
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One who prefers or drinks excessive amounts of Champagne.
Ruth: "OMG, Becky, we are such Bubblers! LOL"
by Valerie_Loves_Bacon June 18, 2015
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Term for a sexual act wherein one sabers the top off a bottle of champagne and then, before pressure is lost, immediately inserts the bottle into the ass of their consenting adult partner.
She gave me a bubbler last week and my farts still smell like Dom Perignon!
by The Original Bubblee July 11, 2010
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(n.) What "small town people" say instead of "Water Fountain/Drinking Fountain".
Student: "May I get a drink at the bubbler?"

Teacher: "Yes you may."
by Tyler R. B. April 17, 2008
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A dumb slang word for "water fountain" that sounds so stupid that anyone who says it probably has a room-temperature IQ.
Son: Hey Mom, where's the bubbler at?
Mom: Welp, time to euthanize my retarded son.
by WhittackerJ March 31, 2019
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Gettin rammed in the ass after taking laxatives.
"Yo Jenny's freak nasty! She drank this bottle of Ex-lax and told me to give her a bubbler!"
by Poppasquat November 7, 2005
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The art of urinating in a standing (slumped over) position, whilst drinking from the stream like a bubbler.
Mate... I was at Northies last night and saw Carney do the bubbler! He is loose
by Brocabulary March 22, 2016
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