Bubblegum Bass (sometimes called PC music, bubblebass, post-ringtone, hyper pop or bubblegum badass) is a style of Electronic Dance Music that originated in the early 2010s. It takes Pop music and amplifies its cuteness and femininity to extreme levels, often pitching the vocals upward and warping the rhythm through a frenzied UK Bass and Wonky filter. The production uses bouncy, plastic-sounding synths and further draws from a variety of club sounds, including Electro House, Balearic Beat, Trance, Footwork, and Bubblegum Dance.

SOPHIE and A. G. Cook are the two best known producers in this genre; the latter producer's label PC Music is the label most associated with the genre. A disorienting post-internet aesthetic exemplified by DIS Magazine also shapes the style of Bubblegum Bass both sonically and visually, though DIS's output is not exclusively centered on Bubblegum Bass.
Popular blog, Gorilla vs. Bear, had 'bubblegum bass' single 'Keri Baby' by A. G. Cook as their #1 song of 2014.
by Keith Courage April 14, 2018
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