A man who has lost his hands.
Dez Bryant was once a man who could catch a td pass. That was a long, long time ago..
by OleManPeyton18 June 19, 2018
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I am in fact Dina Bryant’s gf, 100% real!!! and I’m the ONLY one, not you.
person 1: oh my god who is that???
person 2: oh that’s Dina Bryant!! cemaris gf.
by dinabryantsgf September 15, 2021
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After you rape multiple people

(men woman or children)

As punishment for your crimes you be Is forced to have your scrotum attached using strong rope That will be attached to a helicopter

There will also be rope attached to your body to hold you uo while they fly above .
Moments after then they will rip off The body rope and let you hang by your junk

Then they would proceed to plummet to the ground killing you with the Initial impact
You hear about the sentence they gave Keenan?.

Yeah the kobe Bryant sentence was pretty brutal... I'm glad they dealt with him tho.
by ANAL Bible thumping December 28, 2022
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