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A freak of nature. She's half black, and half ginger. This means she only has half a soul. Somehow, despite the fact that she's a Black Ginger, she's blonde with green eyes(Another mutation), tanned skin and no ginger freckles. This is proof that she is a mutant. Due to the fact that she is a mutant, she has few friends and she will never find love. All she has are the souls that she steals, but even at that, she's rarely successful for she does not possess the power of storing souls as freckles as most gingers do, and therefore can only hold a couple souls at a time. Bryanna Millbens are often territorial creatures, and will rip a bitch's head off when they approach her fried chicken, or Amy Smith. However, Bryanna Millbens can not do this without the help of their partner in crime, the beautiful and mysterious creature called the Marina McPhee. Together, the Bryanna Millben and the Marina McPhee wreak havoc on the world, (mainly malls and movie theatres), protect vulnerable creatures such as the Amy Smith, and make scarily accurate jokes about the greasiest animal in the jungle, the Crapsisaurus along with other assholes. The Bryanna Millben is also going to assist the Marina McPhee when she becomes evil leader of the world, until the Ginger-Zombie apocalypse occurs and due to Bryanna's unfortunate heritage, becomes the enemy and is killed by the all-powerful leader, Marina McPhee.
This isn't nessecary, for I have explained in great detail the origin and nature of the Bryanna Millben.
by GerardWayIsSexyAndIWant2SexHim December 26, 2011
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