1. A sub genre of Death Metal in which emphasis is on complex and fast drumming, palm muted guitar, and extremely guttural vocals.

2. A meme on last.fm. Pop artists are tagged Brutal Death Metal so that it shows up in their top genre tags.
1. Suffocation was one of the first Brutal Death Metal bands.

2. Paris Hilton's #1 genre tag was Brutal Death Metal until the lulz killers at last.fm removed it from her page.
by mastamaxx November 18, 2008
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One of the many offshoots of the Death Metal Genre, focusing on extreme speed, complexity, Technicality and Chaos while maintaining a aura of Structure. The band Suffocation can be hailed as the father of Brutal Death Metal.
Spawn of possession is an excellent Brutal Death Metal Band.
by Eric Alexander April 25, 2005
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The act of being extremely freaking awesome. Must some how involve something metal. When seeing something "brutally death metal" one usually says "That was brutally death metal!" followed by the claw.
1. Alyssa and Elyse are brutally death metal.
2. The Amazon rainforest is brutally death metal.
3. Going to work dirty is brutally death metal.
by Elyse S April 24, 2006
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Slamming brutal death metal sometimes called slam metal for short is type of brutal death metal that uses heavier and more slowed blast beats called slams and a few breakdowns. Bands that are considered Slamming brutal death metal are extermination dismemberment, abominable putridity, epicardiectomy, vulvodynia and devourment.
Blake: Dude i saw Vulvodynia last night live, and it was brutal as fuck.
Jared: thats' dope, but did you see Devourment the pioneers of slamming brutal death metal yet?
by Robby Thrasher December 18, 2017
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Ultra Brutal Death Metal is the hardest form of music on Earth. It's a term used to describe bands who have pushed the bar of even brutal death metal (i.e. Devourment, Katalepsy), therefore considering it "Ultra" brutal death metal.
by Thrasher999 January 24, 2009
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A subgenre of death metal where "slam" riffs and brutality are heavily emphasized. Usually just called slam for short. Slam riffs are characterized by their slow to mid-tempo, low notes, and groove. NOT to be confused with a deathcore/metalcore breakdown.
Chambered Nautilus: "I fucking love brutal slamming death metal."
Giant Isopod: "Same here dude. Have you heard that one sick slam in Devourment's Heaving Acid?"
Emo Jellyfish: "OMG! My favorite slam band is Avenged Sevenfold!"
Chambered Nautilus: *shoots chain lightning at him*
by LegendaryFatRat January 9, 2018
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